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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I don’t remember a word for circumcision in Arabic language. It reminds me to my 1st patient: an egyption baby. 

In my own personal experience, I have been given 5 injections of anaesthesia before the operation. Then the doctor did his work with my eyes opened. I could see what he was doing to me! 

Now it’s my turn to do it. Before that in operation theatre, an M.O. demonstrated it 1st so then we know how to do it in Egyptian verse. They use no anaesthesia ! Luckily the patient is a baby. No circumcision will be conducted in Egypt when the baby more than 1 year old . So basically the baby will be crying, if a 9 year-old boy, he will be screaming of course or even kicking the doctor.

Yang ni versi mesir. Don’t try it in Malaysia, you will be penalised then! The skin of the penis will be pulled backwards until the white flesh appears and of course the blood will be spilled too! Then we have to stretch the skin forwards (extra skin) n a tool is used to cut the skin. With no suture, the nurse will put a medicine (antiseptic) and just cover the penis of the baby with a clean white cloth. That’s all. Less than 5 minutes. And I have to do it as long as the babies are available

The first baby is the most memorable! When I cut his skin, he shot his urine all over my lab coat. Fortunately not on my face! It is a nice present for his doctor! Ha3mel eih, enta Masry! 


1.Semua nama karakter yang dinyatakan BUKAN NAMA SEBENAR. Saya tidak menggunakan nama sebenar untuk mana-mana karakter dalam blog ini. Sekiranya berasa tidak selesa dengan sebarang karakter atau kebetulan sama nama atau saya cuai menukar nama karakter, sila maklumkan kepada saya.

2.Sebarang prosedur perubatan atau investigations yang TIDAK DINYATAKAN SECARA DETAIL DAN LENGKAP harap dimaafkan. Sini bukan tempatnya untuk berbincang teori ilmu perubatan.

3.JALAN CERITA ASAL DIOLAH SEMULA agar sesuai untuk tatapan pembaca.

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hehe, bagusla dapat hadiah, bkn slalu kan..